The Sessions

The Studio G The Grondins Photography has always been on the strong opposition of high pressure sales, so that means we make ordering even easier with your image viewing and ordering catalog. After the photos session we will schedule a Zoom meeting to edit your poses. You will then have the option of selecting your portraits or setting up a gallery online to view and consider. We are in the process of setting up an online catalog to order from.


Basic Yearbook  $40
This is your economy session that includes 1 outfit from a selection of  6-10 poses in studio with one background selection. We will schedule a zoom meeting to edit and select a yearbook pose sent to school.

Basic Enhanced  $60
Just Indoor or Just Outdoor?  With this session the choice is yours! This session includes 2 outfits that will have you loving your 20 edited images to pick from!

Double Up!   $90

Just Can’t Decide? Double up on indoor and outdoor! We’ll photograph in and around the studio. With this session you’ll have 40 edited images from 3 outfits to pick from!

I Need More!   $120

With this session you’ll have 60 edited images from 6 outfits to pick from!

Get Me Outta Here! $190

Can’t get enough? Then this is the session for you! After we do your indoor shots we’ll head anywhere within a 25 mile radius of the studio. This session will provide you with over 90 edited images to pick from.

Please email - [email protected]